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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks Release 22.4

VisionWorks Release: 22.4

End-to-end service assurance is critical to proactively identify issues that impact customer experience (CX). In a time of increasing network and service complexity, service assurance must not only focus on fault monitoring and performance management but also provide end-to-end visibility. An optimal assurance solution must rely on analytics to build tight, cross-correlated models for network and service data. Having a single platform to provide customers a 360-degree view is critical in being able to correlate and provide proactive fault isolation across the entire network.
VisionWorks 22.4 extends Spirent’s active assurance capabilities across the entire network and across all network domains. The newly introduced features will help new and existing customers as they evolve their network as part of their 5G strategy.

Release 22.4
Key New Features Mobile Core Active Emulation Enhancements
  • RTP latency KPIs are now available for WebRTC tests
  • RTP audio bridging is now available for non E911 MME nodal voice tests. This feature enables subjective audio assessment of conversations between two parties
  • Early media is now supported in SIP supplementary services, expanding coverage for voice test cases that use early media
  • Improved the scalability and usability of E911 Compliance tests
OTA Enhancements
  • eSIMs are now supported for OTA tests using tDTA/ E10
  • E5 Quectel Modem Support of External Apps has been validated for Ubuntu 20
  • Real Time Text (RTT) calls are now available for tDTA/ E10
Transport Test Agent Enhancements
  • Packet capture support to examine network traffic via PCAP files for offline analysis
  • UI support for additional probe commands for troubleshooting and health checks
  • Support for multiple VLANs within a single Y.1731 test and support for 1000 target endpoints in pass-through mode
KPI Segmentation Enhancements
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Improved topology visualization
  • Helpful tooltips for ease of use
Advanced Backhaul Use Case Enhancements
  • KPI Segmentation and Dual Homing added as standard features
Fault Isolation Module Enhancements
  • Origin setting in the fault isolation workflow
  • New fault isolation statuses
  • Additional AND / OR logic
  • Support for fault isolation alerts throughout Analytics dashboard
  • Improved organization of sessions
User Defined Report Enhancements
  • Support for graphs
  • Use case filters
  • Minute in hour scheduling
Usability Enhancements
  • Kafka bus updates have been made to include results of individual tests, tool health, and VW Analytics KPIs
  • User selection of topology icon for display of network based on location
  • Improved enable/disable stream controls for performance monitorin
  • Improvements to search function for PM Targets UI
  • Stream detail display of service id, service level, and location
  • Improved filtering of client/server test sessions by VTA
  • Displaying μs (micro-seconds) where applicable
  • Topology widget expand/collapse
  • Increase to 20 the number of breakdown streams
Product Webpage
Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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