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CyberFlood v23.2 and Avalanche v5.39 Released

CyberFlood v23.2 and Avalanche v5.39 Releases

Advanced Security and Performance Testing Solutions

Spirent is pleased to announce the release of CyberFlood v23.2 and Avalanche v5.39. Both solutions are feature rich and bring new capabilities that expand the value and use cases for our powerful security and performance testing solutions. As content and maintenance releases, these versions include new features, in addition to numerous critical issue resolutions.
  • Expanded support for CyberFlood Virtual on AWS Cloud Services
  • Enhanced SSL VPN capabilities for CyberFlood
  • Expanded CF400 40G support
  • And More
Release CyberFlood v23.2
Key new features  
CyberFlood Virtual Expanded AWS support
  • Support for AWS EKS (Kubernetes Service) providing a cloud native experience for use of CyberFlood Virtual in AWS EKS environments. In addition, up to 36 vCores can be assigned to a single CyberFlood Virtual AWS instance, greatly increasing compute resources for a single test agent.
Improved SSL VPN functionality
  • For more realistic SSL VPN testing, formsDB now supports username, password, and group name/unique ID for the establishment of a VPN tunnel.
CF400 interface options
  • The CF400 now supports 40G QSFP+ transceivers for up to 8x40G ports in a single CF400 appliance, delivering the highest 40G port density in any Spirent application and security appliance.
And more
  • Please see the CyberFlood v23.2 release notes for more information.
Release Avalanche v5.39
Key new features  
Avalanche Windows 11 support
  • The Avalanche client has now been qualified to work with Windows 11 that many organizations are now using. 
And more
  • In addition to numerous critical issue fixes, please see the Avalanche v5.39 release notes for more information.
Availability CyberFlood v23.2 and Avalanche v5.39 are available for all currently supported platforms.
Learn more Please see new feature information on the Spirent Customer Support site product release notes CyberFlood DOC12859 & Avalanche_DOC12862 for the most up-to-date release information.

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