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Announcing CyberFlood v24.2 & Avalanche v5.46


CyberFlood and Avalanche Release: CF v24.2 and AV v5.46

CyberFlood and Avalanche Releases Now Available!

Spirent is pleased to announce the release of CyberFlood v24.2 and Avalanche v5.46. Both solutions are feature rich and bring new capabilities that expand the value and use cases for our powerful security and performance testing solutions. As content and maintenance releases, these versions include new features, in addition to numerous critical issue resolutions.
  • Improved CyberFlood usability
  • Added ZTNA features
  • Updated CyberFlood virtual queue support
  • And More
Release CyberFlood 24.2
Key New Features
  • Export Test Capability includes all Scenarios and Content
    • Ability to export a CyberFlood test and the exported archive includes all custom objects, including TC scenarios, HTTP objects (files), SSL certs, pcaps, files, and any other custom content greats improves test portability and ease of use.
  • ZTNA Added Support DUT Specific ZTNA Parameters
    • Users can customize from the UI DUT parameters such as redirect URI, the number of cookies, the corresponding cookie name, allowing the creation of more comprehensive and compatible ZTNA use cases.
  • CyberFlood Virtual KVM Virtio Multi Queue Support
    • Multi-queue Virtio improves I/O performance and provides better performance scaling as more vCores are added to a queue.
  • And More – Please see the latest release notes for all new features for CyberFlood 24.2
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Release Avalanche 5.46
Key New Features
  • Improved Concurrent Connections
    • Concurrent HTTP and HTTPS connectivity has greatly increased allowing for high scaling from the same system.
  • SSL VPN Control Over ICMP Packets
    • Users can now disable/enable ICMP packets for SSL VPN allows for more robust test configurations.
  • And More – Please see the latest release notes for all new features for Avalanche v5.46
Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest CyberFlood v24.2 and Avalanche v5.46 software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting:
  • Controlled Release > CyberFlood/Avalanche

Product : CyberFlood,Avalanche