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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks Release 24.1

VisionWorks Release: 24.1

Spirent’s VisionWorks Platform now provides Network Carriers, Operators, and Service Providers with Advanced Test Queuing, TWAMP/PING PM percentile test metrics, Advanced Over-the-Air Mobile Test Platform enhancements, and multi-layer network alarming/notifications to anticipate and respond to changing network conditions. As 5G mobile core and transport networks continue to evolve, Service Providers need the tools to effectively administer and manage their network.
Future business connectivity requires boosting evolving core and to support higher scale service assurance.

VisionWorks 24.1 extends Spirent’s active assurance capabilities across the entire network and across all network domains. The newly introduced features will help new and existing customers as they evolve their network as part of their 5G strategy.

This release aims to support: Tier 1 Operators and Carriers (including Tier 2), as well as Service Providers.


Release 24.1
Key New Features Enhanced Ad-Hoc Test Queueing
  • Richer and streamlined experience allowing users to prioritize test/workflow executions by using an enhanced user interface.
  • On demand tests are queued and released when required resource becomes available
  • Ensure test requests are completed when resources are available, increasing the fidelity of testing, and reducing time to testing.
  • Use cases include: Fault Isolation, Verification, Validation​, Service Activation Testing,​Change Management​.
OTA Enhancements​
  • Modem Management, Centralized Test Execution Logging, multiple-SIMs Describe the new feature.
  • One location to find relevant information for troubleshooting Test Executions​.
  • Improved efficiency of test resource for multiple eSIM profile use cases.
  • Add ability to set tags to provide context to the OTA test results.
  • Use cases include: Device certification, sectionalization, and voice/video/data mobile service assurance​.
Enhanced Test Contextual Information ​
  • Richer context integration from test case analytics into fault analysis engine to reduce time to identify failures.
  • Introduction of test case framework to trigger fault analysis session. Support TCA alert-based notifications, TCA Alert Rules (Rules for generating TCA alerts), and triggering Fault Analysis Session.
  • Summarize and aggregate test results based on use case context information.
  • Use cases include: Fault Isolation, Verification, Validation, Service Activation Testing, Change Management, and Advanced Mobile Backhaul​.
Notification Enhancements​
  • Clear notifications count reductions and TCA dashboard association​.
  • Reduce mean time to detect and mean time to identify network and service failures​.
  • Use cases include: Fault Isolation, Verification, Validation​ and Advanced Mobile Backhaul.
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Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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