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Announcing STC v5.49 Release


STC v5.49 Release

Spirent is excited to announce the availability of Spirent TestCenter (STC) v5.49. STC is an end-to-end test solution delivering high performance, massive scale, and advanced statistics. This release introduces new capabilities that enhance the value proposition and expand the use cases for our industry-leading STC testing solution. STC v5.49 incorporates both new features and critical issue resolutions, ensuring an improved user experience.

Release Spirent TestCenter v5.49
Key New Features

1. Hardware:

  • Spirent’s B3 800G Appliance is a high-density native 800G solution available in OSFP or QSFP-DD configurations. The B3 is the industry’s first in its class to support IEEE 802.3df specifications.

    • Available in 4-port and 8-port configurations
    • Supports IEEE 802.3ck, 802.3df, and Ethernet Technical Consortium 
    • 800G BASE-R
    • Speed modes capabilities: 1x800G, 2x400G, 4x200G, 2x200, 8x100G, and 8x50G PAM4.
    • Auto Negotiation and Link Training (AN/LT) for all supported speed modes
    • L1 features including: PRBS7, PRBS9, PRBS13, PRBS15, PRBS23, PRBS31, PRBS58, and SSPRQ (TX only). RS (544, 514) FEC is supported all PAM4 speed modes.
    • Additional speed at 56GEL: 1x400G

2. Software:

  • IS-IS Protocol Enhancement to Support HMAC SHA-256, and SHA-512 encryption 

    • Greatly expands IS-IS authentication options with extended selectable ciphers

  • Update OSPFv3 SRv6 Extensions to RFC9513

    • Adds current RFC extensions for segment routing over IPv6

  • SRv6 TE Traceroute Responder Realism 

    • Intermediate simulated routers can also respond back to the traceroute requests

  • Improved BGP-LS Topology Viewer

    • Easy to use and improved user experience

  • PPPoX Support MRU Negotiation 

    • Enable Maximum Receive Unit allowing for more comprehensive PPPoX test configurations

  • And more 
    • Please see the latest release notes (Link) for all new features for STC v5.49


3. Automotive C-V2X:

  • Offline Map​s
    • Allows users to download map information and utilize when an internet connection is not available
  • US application scenarios 

    • Implements new messages and extensions, to support more Vehicle to Vehicle scenarios

Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest STC v5.49 software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting:
  • General Release > Spirent TestCenter

Product : Spirent TestCenter