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How do I enable, collect and disable port capture on Landslide?



    1. From Landslide menu, select Admin ->Test Servers, or click on the Test Server icon from the Toolbar.
    2. Select the Test Server from the list of Test Servers on the left side of Test Server Administration window.
    3. Select the Ethernet tab, under the Capture column; check the interface to enable the Ethereal or Wireshark trace.
                                                               i.      Run the test session.
                                                             ii.      Stop the test session (Test Servers with VLAN mode == true on the General tab, the pcap will stop when the test session is stopped).
                                                            iii.      To stop Ethereal or Wireshark trace at any time, uncheck the capture interface. 

To collect the Ethereal or Wireshark file, go to Landslide menu, select View -> Test Results, or click on ‘Test Results’ icon from the Toolbar.

Product : Landslide