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Avalanche: How Avalanche allocates IP addresses across multiple cores (why more than 1 simuser is seen during validate mode with 1 action list).

  • Avalanche Commander 3.50+
  • Multi-core port(s)
  • Each client subnet is divided and distributed over the available cores. The entire IP address range is divided equally among the cores
  • For server associations, each server is enabled over a range of IP addresses (or MAC addresses). The total number of server hosts is divided equally among the cores
  • In validate ("trial") mode a single simuser is born for each action list (on each core), so for a 2 core port with 1 line in a single action list you will have 2 simusers born (one per core) and see two transactions.
  • To disable this behavior use #NODIVIDE as the first line in each client/actions list
    Note: This may impact performance at higher load as only a single core is enabled, multiple #NODIVIDE action lists may be used to enable additional ports.
  • For more detailed information and examples please see the Avalanche Commander GUI help 'multi-core considerations'

Product : Avalanche