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How do I collect the debug trace from a Test Server with Performance Accelerator enabled on Landslide?



    1. From Landslide menu, select Admin -> Test Servers or click on the Test Server Admin icon from the Toolbar.
    2. For a Test Server with the Performance Accelerator feature – Its status will indicate “READY 0/3”to indicate the number of processors up to a maximum of 3 that could be used to run a test session.
    3. Click on the Logs button to open Log files window.
    4. A Test Server with Performance could use up to 3 processors. Each processor is represented by an Instance: Instance TS0 for processor 0, TS1 for processor 1 and TS2 for processor 2.
    5. For each one of the three instances - Select the Debug files to save and hold the CTRL key for multiple files selection. Collect the most recent files with ts.log and ts_1.log files starting with extension .9, .8, .7, .6…etc. Please use the timestamp for reference.
    6. Click on Retrieve to upload the selected ts.log files to your client PC. Please remember to rename the instance TS0, ts.log.9 and ts_1.log.9 files by prefixing ts0 in the filename ts0_ts.log.9 and ts0_ts_1.log.9 to avoid overwriting the files when downloading the next instance files in the same location.
    7. Once the upload is successfully completed for all 3 instances, click on the close button.

Product : Landslide