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How do I Generate the End-of-Test Database and use the Results Manager to view the Test Results/Reports on Landslide?



    1. Open a Test Session window using the Landslide GUI.
    2. In the Test session, select the Session Builder tab.
    3. Click Report Options and when the window opens, select Generate End-of-Test Database.
    4. Run the Test Session and at the end of the test, from the Test Session menu, select Reports -> Retrieve All Results Files.
    5. The Retrieve Results Files window opens you can browse to define a Test Results folder that you can set as default, then click start to download the results files created at the end of the test.
    6. When all the result files are downloaded to the Test Results folder, click Open file(s) and you will be prompted to select which files to open. If you select All, the db file will be opened by Launching Landslide Results Manager. The xls file will be opened with Excel Spreadsheet and the log.txt file with be opened with your default Internet Browser.

Product : Landslide