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I was trying to upgrade my system to the latest Release 6.20. However, I got a message from the GUI saying that I can not upgrade. What is going on here?


With an attempt to improve the performance of Abacus in call testing, new hardwares are being developed and put into use, and older cards are being phased out.   These phased out (dis-continued) cards are not longer supported by the software. That is why when you try to upgrade the system, you got an response like this: “There are cards in the Chassis which are no longer supported. Software can not be upgraded.” When you click on the link “Click for more information”, you will be shown with the cards that are not supported. In Abacus 6.20, the latest hardware that becomes obsolete is the ICG3-B card. So if you have any of these cards, you won’t be able to upgrade your system to the latest 6.20 software. You may want to contact the Customer Support or your Account Manager for an upgrade (Trade-in) of the hardware.

Product : Abacus,6.20