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What is the difference between packet only path confirmation and TurboRTP path confirmation.


Turbo RTP is special feature in Abacus. It is designed to “blast” RTP packets in both directions for testing the network. The design has been optimized to do this job. This is the reason why Abacus is able to support more endpoints then the normal packet only path confirmation. To run TurboRTP, user must choose the special script “Turbo RTP”. They can not create their own script, nor can they combine it with other actions or path confirmation methods. With Turbo RTP, user defined wave file is encoded and sent to the destination. On the receiving side, the system is counting the packet received, check of loss and delay. The system is not decoding the packets back to audio file for quality of service checking. This portion of path confirmation is similar to packet only path confirmation.

Product : Abacus,SIP,H323