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BRTU: Why are the cards in the BRTU shelf showing busy and when I run ‘RTRV-VRSN-EQPT’ the cards do not show up?


RTRV-COND-EQPT will also show all cards out of service (OOS).

Steps to address:

1) Verify correct PSU model is installed.

2) Verify SHELF setting in RTRV-ATTR-EQPT is correct.

3) Verify correct external clock source is wired.  It should be 1.544Mbps AMI encoded All 1s for 6711-51 and 6711-52 PSU or 2.048Mbps for 6711-53 and 6711-54 .  Remove clock to see if cards come back to verify clock source is correct.

4) One or more of the cards is bad.  Unseat all of the cards.  Insert the Power Supply and Shelf Controller card and wait for the Shelf Controller to normalize.  Then install one of the other cards and wait for the card to normalize.  (If the card does not normalize, it is bad.  Unseat the card and mark as bad.) Once card normalizes, insert another card and wait for it to normalize.  Continue installing and waiting for the cards to normalize.  At some point installing one of the cards will cause all of the cards to show busy and no longer appear in the output to ‘RTRV-VRSN-EQPT’.   That card is bad and should be unseated and sent to repair.  Continue the process to make sure there are not additional bad cards.

Product : TDM & Analog Test