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Avalanche: Is it possible to keep a TCP connection up for the entire test?

  • Yes.
  • To configure a test that keeps a tcp connection up for the entire test duration:
  1. Set the Client | Profiles | HTTP Browser -> Max connection per simuser to 1
  2. Set the Max request per connection to 65535 and use HTTP 1.1 with Persistence enabled
  3. Set the Max. Request/Conn to 65535 in the Server | Profiles window
  4. Use the following actions in a Client Actions Profile for reference
LOOP loopabc START TIME=156000
1 get
#Set a think time of x mseconds
LOOP loopabc STOP
  • The loop is the duration of the test. Please note the limitation is that the number of transactions attempts cannot exceed 65535; otherwise, the connection will close and a new connection is made. 
  • The THINK time of 1 second is used at the end of the action to allow the loop to run longer without having to go through many transactions. 

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche,TCP,HTTP