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Avalanche: My test runs fine from the Avalanche GUI but I am unable to run it in TCL. My TCL test will not start.


The TCL version of the test may not have been exported properly.  When selecting to export the GUI to TCL test, ensure the settings are correct.  

  1.   From the Avalanche Commander GUI, go to FILE | Generate Tcl Test.  
    • a) specify the Spirent TCL API Dir path, i.e. C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter x.xx\Layer 4-7 Application\TclAPI
    • b) specify the output path for your TCL test. 
  2.  Select Portable Test – only if you’re moving the TCL test to another PC that does not have the GUI installed or moving it to a Linux system - otherwise do not check it.
  3.  Select Include Default – select this option for TCL tests (recommended) 
  4.  Click Generate TCL Test - the application will the TCL test to the output directory. 
  5.  Go to your output directory and execute the test.tcl script.  NOTE this requires that you have tclsh installed.  Please visit activestate to download TCL for your OS.  Additional for Linux, you will need to install the Avalanche Commander tarfile on your system (available at     
  6. The test will execute under the Tcl shell as if it were running in the GUI.

Product : L4-7,Tcl API,Avalanche