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What is the IP address of my GSS8000 simulator?


GSS8000 simulators and their accompanying PosApp (SimGEN) host PC are configured with specific IP addresses at the time of factory set-up. Default IP addresses are:-

  • Simulator =   (systems with GSS8000 simulators connected in a multibox configuration will have incremented IP addresses, i.e.,, etc.)
  • Host PC =

The simulator displays its IP address at the top of its LCD display. You can also use PosApp to display the IP address of all GSS8000 simulators connected to the PC:-

  1. Go to menu [Options->Hardware Configuration]
  2. Click "View real h/w".

The PC Ethernet card IP address can be checked in the normal way via the PC Network Connections menu (most easily accessed from the Control Panel). 

The simulator IP address should not be changed. If changing the PC IP address the last group of digits must be different to the simulator. Otherwise the simulator will display its IP address as "unknown" or "invalid" on boot-up, if connected to the PC. To resolve this power down the simulator, change the PC IP address (use the above default) and then power on the simulator again.

Product : GSS8000