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Where can I find articles relating to VMS?


Spirent's SimGEN for VMS software product, and compatible simulator types have been obsolete for several years. Support can only be provided on a 'best efforts' basis. The following is a list of former VMS FAQ / Solution articles which are now only available on request by contacting Spirent Applications Support:

  • DIN00006 User Motion from Spread Sheet
  • DIN00018 STR2760 Using a LATprint Thin Wire Ethernet Interface to RTCM
  • DIN00025 Converting a V3.nn Scenario Database to V4.nn and Upward
  • DIN00028 STR2760 Series Baseband Signal Outputs
  • DIN00029 STR2760 Series L1 to L2 Signal Generator Board Conversion
  • DIN00032 STR2720R Single Channel Simulator ATE Software Installation Guide
  • DIN00033 Technical note on STR4760-80 Pseudo C3 Operation
  • DIN00034 STR2760 WAAS Hardware User Installation Notes
  • DIN00037 Using PRN Codes 33-37 on the STR4760
  • DIN00040 Installation of Additional Memory in the VAX 4000 Model 60 Workstation
  • DIN00041 Installation of Additional Memory in DEC Alpha 3000 and 200 4-100 Workstations
  • DIN00044 Workaround for Week Rollover in YUMA Almanacs
  • DIN00046 Coordinate Frames
  • DIN00048 GPS Simulator EVTP Facility
  • DIN00051 Network Printing on VMS Alpha Systems
  • DIN00067 How to use Ethernet based Aiding with 2 different PC Clients

Product : SimGEN