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What does the “1s Tick not available” message seen on my VMS Workstation mean?


This message occurs on the workstation when starting a Real Time scenario. It is caused by incorrect connection of the SYNC cable between the Signal Generator and the workstation. Points to check:

  • The provided cable is connected to the SYNC output on the rear of the simulator, not the CDU output
  • The correct serial port input on the rear of the workstation is being used. Depending on workstation type, there may be more than one serial port. Try both ports before contacting Spirent Applications Support.
  • The correct SYNC_PULSE_PORT is specified in the CONFIG.SYS file of the GPS Software. Contact Spirent Applictions Support for assistance if required.
  • Ensure the 1s TICK BITE code is not displayed on the signal generator LCD
  • Some older STR2760 Units do not use a crossover cable as currently supplied. A 2-3 crossover connector should be inserted.
  • The SYNC Connection on the Signal generator can be connected to a terminal and the ASCII Character "A" should be seen once per second when the signal generator is outputting the SYNC pulses correctly. The input to the workstation can be displayed on the workstation monitor by the following command from a DEC Term:
          $ COPY xxxx: TT:
             where xxxx is the serial port device name.
    (TTA0 for Alpha 200 systems and later, including PWS and XP900, TTA1 for Alpha 3000, TTA2 for VAX 4000) The ASCII Character "A" should be displayed.

Product : SimGEN