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Positioning Application: What does the warning message "No serial port assigned for RTCM output" mean ?

  • PosApp (SimGEN /SimREPLAYplus/ SimREPLAY ) 


  • This warning message  (see Figure 1)  is displayed when RTCM messages have been enabled in the scenario but a COM port has not been specified for output of the messages over RS232.

  • RTCM messages are defined in the 'Options' area of the scenario tree ( see Figure 2).
  • SimGEN users have full control and can choose to enable or disable RTCM messages.
  • SimREPLAY and SimREPLAYplus users cannot modify the RTCM setting. It will have been specified at the time the original replay scenario was created.

To prevent the warning message from being displayed every time you start the scenario follow one of these suggestions:-

  1. If you want to output RTCM messages to your receiver over RS232:-
        a) Go to menu [Options-->RS232 Port setting]
        b) Select "RTCM output" from the dropdown list of one of the two available COM ports
        c) Ensure the port name is valid, e.g. "COM1", by comparing this to your PC's Device Manager COM port list
        d) Ensure the 'Port settings' match the settings used by the receiver
  2. If you want to use RTCM messages in order to log the data for post-processing:-
        a) Repeat the steps in point 1 above
        b) Go to menu [Options-->Message reporting] and enable "Disable message popups"
  3. If you do not want to use RTCM messages:-
        - SimGEN users should simply disable the RTCM definition file in the scenario tree
        - SimREPLAY or SimREPLAYplus users should repeat the steps in point 1 or 2 above

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