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My GSS6400 does not record the received signals


If it appears that data files supplied with the unit can be played back without problems, but recently recorded files do not play back then there may be a recording issue.

  1. Ensure that the unit is fully charged or operated from the mains supply
  2. Switch on the unit.
  3. Check that there is 3.3V DC at the GPS antenna connector
  4. If step 3 is "false" please contact Spirent Applications Support.
  5. If step 3 is "true", attach the supplied antenna to the GPS antenna connector on the back.
  6. Place the unit outside with a clear view of the sky. Perform a LONG PRESS on the ENTER key
  7. Does the LCD show Recording data?
  8. If step 7 is "false" check power sources. If it still does not look if it is recording then please contact Spirent Applications Support
  9. If step 7 is "ture", record data for 5 minutes and note the name of the file being recorded.
  10. Then perform a LONG PRESS on the BACKSPACE key. Return to lab/office.
  11. Attach Power Supply, switch unit on and leave to warm up for 5 minutes. Also attach display and keyboard/ or VNC into the unit.
  12. Using the Webserver under Play/Record, or by looking in the spirent/home directory see if the recorded file is present.
  13. If the file is present does it have a file size of several GB?
  14. If step 13 is "true", attach the GNSS receiver to the FRONT RF out connector and play this file using the Webserver or front panel.
  15. Does the GNSS receiver now start to produce a position fix? If Yes then the system is working.
        - NOTE: It may not have worked previously for several external reasons to do with the test methodology. See SOL10450.
  16. If it does not work goto point  10) below.
  17. If step 13 is "false", first search other directories to see if for some reason it has been put in the wrong directory.
  18. If you can find the file and it has a valid file size play it back and see if it works. Otherwise please contact Spirent Applications Support detailing the steps that you have taken
  19. If the file is present but has zero file size some form of internal clocking problem is likely. Please contact Spirent Applications Support detailing the steps that you have taken
  20. If the file has the correct size but the GNSS receiver still does not track satellites:-
        - A file size of 1GB or more would suggest there is some form of problem with the antenna or RF input
        - Double-check that 3.3V DC was detected back in step 3
        - Maybe try a different antenna
  21. The antenna of the GNSS receiver must not output more than 5V to the GSS6400. If it does the DC block must be used. If more than 5V has been supplied then the internal system may have been damaged and the unit will have to be repaired. Please contact Spirent Applications Support

Product : Record-Replay,GSS6400