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Why do I have inability to change from host to router then back to host for LLDP/DCBX and BGP - Device Device 1 on Port Port //X/X has a count greater than one in TestCenter?



DCBX only allow one device per port also the device only can has count 1. If DCBX need to work with FCoE block (count greater than one), user need to create a separate device for DCBX.
This is by design and also protocol require only one DCBX instance per port.
I researched a little more into the host problem.
I found an example of a behaviour when you change a host to a router then try to change back to a host this does not work and creates a similar scenario.
I opened CR # 304555308 with the following description:
I create one device as host
I change the device count to 10 successfully
I change the device type to router by selecting to enable LLDP/DCBX
I receive error message:
XX/XX/2011 XX:XX:XX .1     Info        Other    Device Device 1 on Port Port //X/X has a count greater than one. Routing Protocols cannot be enabled on a device with count greater than 1.
I change the device type back to host by deselecting LLDP/DCBX and Apply
I continue to see error message.
The only workaround appears to create a new host.

I add this is similar to CR # 294308655 using BGP which in my understanding is intended to be fixed by allowing multiple bgp devices per streamblock

Product : Spirent TestCenter,General Navigation,Routing,Data Center,Windows GUI,LLDP/DCBX,BGP