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SimINERTIAL is reporting "Reader has caught writer" errors


This message is reported in the RTX server window. RTX, operating in a real time environment, is the "Reader" and SimINERTIAL, operating in the Windows environment, is the "Writer". It informs the user that RTX has read data from the buffer with a timestamp that out of sequence compared to the last data it read.

The shared memory between SimINERTIAL and RTX is a ring buffer. SimINERTIAL writes data to the buffer 'in advance' so that it is there in time for RTX to read the data and apply it. The buffer size allows approximately 30-40s of data to be stored before SimINERTIAL comes back around to the start of the ring and overwrites old data with new data.

If this message is reported after the scenario has been stopped then it may be ignored and is really only for information, i.e. the scenario has stopped so SimINERTIAL stops writing data but the finite amount of time that it takes for Windows to inform the realtime element that the scenario has stopped means that RTX has already attempted to read new data from the buffer.

If this message is reported during the scenario run, then it indicates that there is a problem with SimINERTIAL writing data to the buffer in time for the RTX process to read it. The next time the error occurs it is important to contact Spirent Applications Support with the following details:-

  • A copy of the following files, located in the SimINERTIAL root directory
        - RtxServerLog.txt
        - SimINERTIAL_director_message_log.txt
        - SimINERTIAL_driver_message_log.txt
        - Spirent siminertial director.txt
        - Spirent siminertial driver.txt
  • A copy of the PosApp_message_log.txt file (for PosApp v2.9x or later users) or SimGEN_message_log.txt (for SimGEN v2.84 or earlier users), located in the PosApp (or SimGEN) root directory

Product : SimINERTIAL