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my spt-2u or spt-2000 HS chassis will not boot, is there anything that I can try to make it boot?

  • Make sure that the AC power cable that is being used is a 14 gauge cord and not a smaller power cable that would be used on a pc or printer. The gauge is usually embossed into the cord and will usually read something like "14/3 AWG" with means there are three wires in the cable and they are 14 American Wire Gauge which is a standard used for wiring size. Smaller cords for pcs and printers are are usually 18 gauge and this does not carry enough current for theSpirent TestCenter chassis. (The larger the number the smaller the cable)
  • If the cord is 14 gauge, next make sure that the circuit supplying the AC voltage is not loaded by other equipment or does not have an inexpensive power strip or extension cords that may be causing drop in the supply voltage or current.


If neither if the above are a problem then try powering down the chassis and removing the test modules, then remove the power cord for at least a full minute so that any residual power is discharged. Reinsert the AC cable and try powering up the chassis again. If it still will not boot, then you may need to open a trouble ticket (SR) with Customer Service for repair or more assistance. 

Product : Chassis,Spirent TestCenter