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How can Landslide trigger RAU requests using UMTS test case?


The UMTS Iu-PS/GMM (3G) or Gb/GMM tabs (2G) allow the configuration of Periodic Routing Area Updates. The SM tab provides two Tear Down option to configure the Signaling Connection either  “Tear Down Upon Context Active” or “Tear Down After Delay”.

If the “Tear Down Upon Context Active" is configured in the Signaling Connection, the Test Configuration “Activate PDP Context upon GMM Attach” option needs to be enabled as well. This ensures that if there is no SM context created the "Tear Down Upon Context Active" will never occur. UEs not in idle state will never trigger RAU request messages.

If the “Activate PDP Context upon GMM Attach” is not enabled, you can configure the Signaling Connection to “Tear Down After Delay". Landslide will follow the GPRS time and send the RAU request.

Product : Landslide,Landslide Client,lu-PS,Gb