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Spirent TestCenter: Does the Lab Server require both the Admin port and TestBed port to have its IP addresses configured?

  • The Admin port is required but not the TestBed port.
  • Only if the topology as indicate in the Lab Server install documents was used, then it would need the TestBed port configured.

Some Q & A below:

  • According to the GETTING STARTED document I need to configure a VM and a Hypervisor server address.
    • <Yes there is two level for the configuration, one at the linux and one at the LS VM for as I can understand... the documentation been very unclear…>
  • Can someone provide more information why this is required in addition to ADMIN and TESTBED port?
    • <The new LS has 4 physical ports (One Admin and 3 testBed)but you can still use the Admin port only or the Admin and one TestBed port like we did with the previous LS.>
  • Should I be able to connect via telnet to the labserver?
    • <If telnet doesn't work try SSH; Login/password are the same for both level (admin / spt_admin ). To access to the second level (the LS VM) once the first one has been configured, you need to type server connect. Don’t forget to do a reboot, seems that the activate is not enougth>
  • Should the Bare metal/Hypervisor server network address be the same as the ADMIN (management port) address?
    • <No they should be different which means that we need 4 IP address in total if you use the testbed port.>


Product : LabServer,Spirent TestCenter