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How do I use the Capacity Test Activity "Start Retries" and N3/T3 parameters for session retries with UMTS and LTE test cases on Landslide?


For GGSN and SGW Nodal test cases, when Start Retries is enabled in a Capacity Test, retries will continue indefinitely.

For N3/T3 GTP settings, you can define both the amount of time the test will wait for a response from an SGSN or from a GGSN, and the number of times a message will be re-transmitted. If a response has not been received by the time the T3 timer expires, and if N3 - Command Request Attempts has not been exceeded, the message is re-transmitted. When all retries have been exhausted, the timeout counter is incremented and no further attempt is made to transmit the message.
In conclusion, the N3/T3 GTP settings will be used to retry if Landslide GGSN and SGW Nodal test cases do not get any responses from the System Under Test (SUT). The “Start Retries” will take effect if Landslide applications previously listed receive a response with an error code from the SUT.

Product : Landslide,UMTS,LTE,Landslide Client