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How do I capture a GNSS simulator log file?


This article applies to the following simulator models:

  • Variant B GSS77xx (identified by the ETHx ports on the rear panel)
  • GSS7800 / 7900
  • GSS8000

Normally simulator log files are requested by Spirent Applications Support whilst assisting with a reported hardware related issue. It is advisable for the simulator be power cycled, so as to clear any current log information and then tests should be repeated in order to induce the reported fault. Once the fault occurs the log file should be captured and sent to Spirent Applications Support.

Please also refer to DCS0030A for using the "Firmware Upgrade Utility", which is installed with the PosApp (SimGEN) software. The following steps summarise the capturing the simulator log file:-

  1. Launch the "Firmware Upgrade Utility.exe" via PosApp menu [Tools-->7xxx/8xxx Utilities]
        OR    via the START menu [All programs-->Positioning Application-->Firmware Upgrade Utility]
        OR    via the PosApp root directory = "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Positioning Application\Firmware Upgrade Utility"
  2. On the left-hand side of the utility click "Add" to select the simulator you wish to capture the log file from.
  3. The simulator will appear in the left-hand "Simulators" list
  4. Click "Get Logs" to capture the simulator log file
  5. Send the log file to Spirent Applications Support

Product : GSS7790,GSS7700,GSS7800,GSS7900,GSS8000