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How do I configure the Client Network Requirements for Landslide?



    1. To ensure successful remote access between the Client PC and Landslide TAS Manager located in your lab, you have to verify with your network administrator that the following TCP ports are enabled for traffic to transit through any firewalls or routers in your network:
                                                               i.      Port 80 HTTP service for HTML pages: Home Page, Test Results, Help, etc.
                                                             ii.      Port 8080 Communication between the client platform and the TAS.
                                                            iii.      Ports 7888-7899 File transfers between the client and the TAS. Each transfer is assigned an incrementing port, with the first transfer using 7888. After 12 transfers have occurred, the port numbers will wrap and the 13th transfer will be assigned 7888.
                                                           iv.      Ports 21 and 23 Telnet access and FTP transfers in support of TAS Manager activities. These ports are not required for normal client operations and are only needed to allow remote access for system maintenance.
    1. To test port 8080 for communications between the Client PC and the TAS Manager, telnet to port 8080 from the Client PC and verify that the connection is successful  
                           For example, Telnet 8080 where is the TAS Manager IP Address.

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