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How to get SUPL V2.0 log files to be checked?



Inorder for the support engineer understand the test issues, the following log files are needed for further checking the system issues:

1.      TTworkbench tlz log

For each test campaign executed with TTman, a test log gets created, containing all the events generated by the execution process. It is possible to import and export log files from and to the file system. The log file for a test log will be saved file as a zipped file (*.tlz ) and stores all generated logging information together with the test campaign file that was used for the respective test run, including the current setting of  the module parameters. The location of the file can be specified after clicking on the Export Files button on the Management View's menu bar and selecting Export.

2.       TTworkbench console log


you can copy from the TTworkbench console window


3.     TTCN SystemAPI log


Auto saved in ‘C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\TestDrive ULTS\TTCN SystemAPI Logs’


please collect those log files when you encounter testing issue related to the system.