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How do I request a PosApp licence?


Information about how to request a PosApp licence is made available in a document called "PosApp Readme Notes", available in the "Downloads" area of the CSC support website. Access to the downloads area requires you to log in to the support website.

Customers with a Spirent GNSS simulator compatible with PosApp and which has a current, valid support agreement can download the readme notes as well as the latest version of PosApp software.

CSC support website login requests can be submitted by using the "New User" link, after clicking "Sign In" near the top right corner of the support website landing page. If you have any issues logging in the following article may assist - KNI10052

1. The "License Activation" tab present on the CSC support website is not for use by GNSS simulator customers, either to request or activate a PosApp licence. Please refer to the readme notes explained above

Product : PosApp