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Spirent TestCenter: Can the BGP routes advertised by Emulated router pingable from DUT?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • BGP
  • PING
  • Traceroute
  • Yes, first bound the routes to the streams and enable Control Plane checkbox (off by default) in the stream.
  • Once BGP routers advertise the routes to DUT, We should be able to ping those routes.
  • IPv6
    • Ping
      • If your ping it sending to 3000:1:1000:1000::2.
        • This would mean the streamblock has a source address of 3000:1:1000:1000::2/128
      • If your source is actually not /128 mask, something like 3000:1:1000:1000:: /64, then the ping would work if you ping 3000:1:1000:1000::1 instead of 3000:1:1000:1000::2.
        • We use the host value of 1 to respond to ping on routes that does not have /128.
    • Traceroute
      • Not supported

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