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Under what conditions can a Spirent Testcenter PPPoE client join an IGMP group?


In Spirent TestCenter, the IP stack pays attention to the IPv4 prefix length parameter of the device block even if it’s a PPPoE device. Therefore, the stack will not send IP packets from an address that represents a broadcast address for the subnet defined by the device's IP address and Prefix Length.

As a result, a PPPoE client with an address "x.x.x.255/24" cannot join an IGMP group.

The workaround is to increase the Prefix Length to a value such that the x.x.x.255 address is not considered a broadcast address for the subnet.
This means you may need to change the prefix from 24 to 16 or some other appropriate value.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PPPoX,IGMP/MLD