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How to do full aiglent 8960 Test Set Calibration for C2K-ATS system


Sometimes you may encounter level out of range and source over range error when running some of the test cases, please make sure 8960 test set have been properly calibrated, you can refer to the steps below to do full calibration of 8960

1, Digital Average Power Calibration
To perform the digital average power calibration from the front panel, select the Digital Average Power measurement and press the Calibrate Digital Avg Pwr softkey. To perform a digital average power calibration from a remote program, use the “CALibration: CPOWer?” command. During Digital Average Power calibration no power should be applied to the front panel RF IN/OUT connector.Digital average power measurement calibration loops back a CDMA signal from within the test set to the average power meter to generate a table of calibration values.Digital Average Power measurement calibration takes about ten minutes.Power must be cycled off then back on after the Digital Average Power calibration routine has completed.
• I/Q Calibration
This calibration is required if the Baseband Generator or the Vector Output modules are serviced or swapped. The CALibration:IQ subsystem should not be used as part of frequent (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly) test set calibration.Manually initiating the IQ calibration routines requires pressing the SYSTEM CONFIG hardkey, then pressing the More key on the right side of the screen, then pressing the Service (F7) key.
• Spectrum Monitor Calibration
The spectrum monitor must be calibrated for each test application or lab application in your test set, as well as for each format within in a fast switching test application or lab application. For example, if you calibrate the spectrum monitor while the GSM format of the GSM_AMPS/136_GPRS_W-CDMA fast switching test application is active, you must also calibrate the spectrum monitor while the AMPS/136, GPRS, and W-CDMA formats are active, individually.The spectrum monitor is automatically calibrated when performing a channel power calibration. Similarly, the channel power calibration is run as part of the spectrum monitor calibration.To perform the spectrum monitor calibration from the front panel, initiate the spectrum monitor by pressing Instrument selection, and then selecting Spectrum Monitor from the menu. Next, select Trigger Setup (F4), then Calibrate Measurement (F11). To perform this calibration from a remote program, use the “CALibration:CPOWer” command. During spectrum monitor calibration, no power should be applied to the front panel RF IN/OUT connector.



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