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Avalanche: Why is my multi core test duplicating entries from my Forms DB files?

  • Multi core tests require a separate action list and formsDB is required for each core, FormDB files should not contain duplicate information.
  • Below is a webauth example that requires each user across cores to use a different username and password to login via an HTTP Post to the DUT or server:


    CREATE <global.mycursor1 myformsfilename sequential_autoinc>
    CREATE <global.mycursor2 myformsfilename sequential_autoinc>
    ASSIGN VARIABLE <myvar1 global.mycursor1 1>
    ASSIGN VARIABLE <myvar2 global.mycursor2 2>
    1 GET
    1 GET
    1 POST<POST_FILE="Content_0001" CONTENT_TYPE="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
    1 GET

    Form DB file 'myformsfilename' contains the following:

    enabled only 'auto-increment'

    The above action list also requires an http content file named ‘Content_0001’ (subtab on the ‘client’ ‘actions’ tab) with ‘Process Spir Variables’ enabled.
    Example content of the http content file:

    username=<SpiVariable>myvar1</SpiVariable> password=<SpiVariable>myvar2</SpiVariable>

Product : Avalanche,Avalanche