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5 hints to improve the ability to test eHRPD


1, When an eHRPD-capable device establishes a session, AirAccess will log a result that says "eHRPD is negotiated".  When a data connection is established to the HSGW, AirAccess will log, among other things, "VSNCP negotiation successful".  These messages mean that the device has successfully accessed the eHRPD core network rather than the HRPD (legacy EV-DO) one.


2, To set up eHRPD emulation, under the AN, you must check the "Enable eHRPD Emulation" option.  This option will be grayed out if you don't have the AAC2K-EHRPD option unlocked by your application password.  If "Enable eHRPD Emulation" isn't selected, AirAccess will only emulate the HRPD core network elements (useful if you want to test roaming to an HRPD system).


3, In addition to enabling eHRPD emulation, you will want to select the Enhanced MultiFlow Packet Application for the SN stream in the Personality dialog.  Unless the EMFPA is negotiated, the UE won't try to talk to the eHRPD core network, it will talk to the HRPD PDSN instead.


4, you will also choose all the enhanced MAC-layer sub-protocols as well, including the Subtype 3 Reverse Traffic Channel MAC.


5, The eHRPD network elements (HSGW, PDN-GW, and 3GPP AAA Server) are configured using the core network dialog, just as you would configure PDSN, Home Agent, 3GPP2 AAA, etc.


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