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Spirent TestCenter: RSVP-TE Tunnels would not come up when DUT is HE and STC is TE.

  • MX module
    • Seen on the MX 10/40/100G modules when DUT is HE and STC is TE. 
    • This test configuration causes OSPF to fail in the creation of its Opaque LSA.
    • The missing LSA in the DUT routing table stops RSVP tunnels from coming up. 
  • ISIS routing
    • when using ISIS as the IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)
  • For the MX issue
    • This is a known issue and was addressed in v3.90.
  • ISIS routing
    • TE Parameters are required for DUT to use to create the proper Path 
    • These parameters are in the main ISIS Device grid in the TestCenter config
    • The DUT also need to have MPLS traffic engineering configured under the ISIS router

Product : RSVP,Windows GUI,MPLS,ISIS