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Spirent TestCenter: Is Spirent TestCenter Conformance (CTS) Automation supported on Linux?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Conformance
  • CTS
  • Automation
  • Linux
  • Yes, you can use Linux, the same Spirent TestCenter API install for Linux is used for CTS.
  • Visit our website at and login to get to the download page.
    • Example: Spirent_TestCenter_Auto_Linux_4.71.tar.gz
    • Unzip it: tar -xvzf Spirent_TestCenter_Auto_Linux_4.71.tar.gz
      • From this file location it will create folders:
        • Spirent/TestCenter4.71/Logs
        • Spirent_TestCenter_4.71/Spirent_Extreme_Automation_Toolkit
        • Spirent_TestCenter_4.71/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux
  • Setting the environment using a script
    • # Change the STC Installation Dir Run time
      • set auto_path [linsert $auto_path 0 "/opt/Spirent_TestCenter_4.71/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux/"]
    • #for expect
      • set expect_dir /Spirent_TestCenter_4.71/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux/cts_tcl/expect/
        package ifneeded Expect 5.43.0 [list load [file join $expect_dir]]
      • package require Expect
    • # load the STC package 
      • puts "Loading the STC package...\n"
      • package require SpirentTestCenter
        • (not package require SpirentTestCenterConformance)
    • # Retrieve and display the current API version.
      • puts "SpirentTestCenter system version:\t [stc::get system1 -version]"
  • Example test to verify Expect is working (see script attached)
    • set IUTIP
      set Spass spt_admin
      exp_spawn ssh admin@$IUTIP
      expect "admin@'s password:" 
      send "$Spass\r"
      expect "admin> "
      send "help\r"
      expect "admin> "
      send "\003" 
      #expect close

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Setting up the CTS automation environment

Attachment Description
Sample script to test Expect

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