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How do I access the IEEE/IP string send utility for direct simulator control?


The utility may be accessed in a number of ways:

  • Use PosApp (SimGEN) menu [Tools-->4750/60/80/90 Utilities-->IEEE String Send] or [Tools-->7xxx/8xxx Utilities-->IEEE String Send]
  • Go to folder "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Positioning Application" and find "IEEE_string_send.exe"
  • Via the START menu [START-->All Programs-->Positioning Application-->IEEE Utilities-->IEEE String Send Utility]

Once the utility has been launched be sure to set the IEEE / IP address in the utility to match the simulator you're using.  Once this setting has been made a quick check can be made using the pre-loaded command 'Identity' - if configured correctly the simulator will respond with a text string that includes made by,the model type, output mode, flags, serial number and CPU firmware version.

An example return string from the command could be:

Spirent-GSS, GSS8000 L1P1:L2P1:L1P2 24000011, 8345, 02.15

Where we have a GSS8000 serial number 8345 and CPU firmware 02.15. 

Product : GNSS,Positioning,IEEE String Send,Simulator