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Positioning Application: Installing the software licence causes message "Error: 'Error copy file, reason - The process cannot acces the file because it is being used by another process...'"

  • PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus / SimREPLAY) v2-90 or later
  • The following error message occurs when you are trying to install the PosApp software licence file.

  • During the licence install process PosApp opens the selected file and performs two operations:-
  1. It wants to copy the file, with the same name, to the 'licence history' folder = "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Positioning Application\licence history"
  2. It wants to create a duplicate of the file, with new name "lservrc.txt", in the main PosApp directory =  "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Positioning Application"
  • If you have selected a file from the 'licence history' folder or you have selected the 'lservrc.txt' file then PosApp cannot open these files and overwrite them
    • That is the reason for the above error message.
  • To avoid the error, either:-
  1. Copy a file from the 'licence history' folder to some other location, e.g. the main PosApp directory, and then install that copied file
        - OR -
  2. Copy the 'lservrc.txt' file to some other location, e.g. the PC desktop, (or just make a copy in the PosApp directory but give it another name), and then install that copied file
        - OR -
  3. Locate the original licence file provided by Spirent (you will have received a CD called "Customer Specific Files", or similar) and install that file
        - OR -
  4. Contact Spirent Global Services and request a copy of your current licence file
        - Use the "Submit a Service Request" link on the right-hand side of the Knowledge Base screen
        - Confirm the model and serial number of the simulator hardware being used
        - Confirm the version of PosApp you have installed

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp