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Abacus: Is the AMR-WB Codec supported on Abacus 5000, and how do I configure Abacus to use the AMR-WB Codec?


Yes, the AMR-WB Codec is supported on Abacus for SIP, MEGACO, Clear Channel, MGCP, and BICC.

AMR-WB is the Adaptive Multi-Rate-Wideband speech codec based on ITU-T standard G.722.2, supported on the ICG3 circuit generator subsystems and Abacus 50 Eth, and licensed under VoIP Audio RTP Codec group 3 (Encoding/Decoding). AMR-WB modes are sampled at 16 kHz.

Using AMR-WB, a maximum of 64 channels per ICG3 card can be used, and a maximum of 16 channels per Abacus 50 Eth can be used.
For Path Confirmation using AMR-WB, PESQ voice quality measurement and Speech Pattern Matching are supported.
AMR-WB is configurable under Protocol Development / RTP
Packet size can be from 20 to 200 ms.
Rate is configurable as: 6.60, 8.85, 12.65, 14.25, 15.85, 18.25, 19.85, 23.05, 23.85 kbps

Protocol Development / RTP Tab
To configure the AMR-WB codec per ICG3 card, select it under PROTOCOL SELECTION / Channels.

Protocol Selection / Channels / AMR-WB

To configure AMR-WB codec per set of channels, configure it under PARTITION and TIMING / Protocols.
Partition and Timing / Protocols / AMR-WB
Path Confirmation must be configured for PESQ or you will receive an error upon test run.
Start Test / AMR-WB PESQ / Path Confirmation Error
A linear encoded .wav file, that is under 8 seconds in length, must be selected or you will receive an error.
Start Test / AMR-WB / .wav Error
.wav files are selected under CHANNELS / Advanced.
Linear encoded, 16 khz .wav files under 8 seconds in length include Abacus_Chinese_16, and Pilot_16
Channels / Advanced / PESQ / .wav Selection
Measurements are collected and reported under Variances for voice quality measurements and Statistics for call statistics, exactly the same as other codecs, in real time and reportable as usual.


Product : Abacus,Voice,6.20,6.11 and below,SIP,RTP,MGCP,MEGACO,Clear Channel