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Are Spirent GNSS simulators RoHS compliant?


Spirent Positioning products are compliant with applicable legislation which states that full RoHS Compliance is not required for devices that fall into the RoHS category 9 definition of devices / equipment until 2014.  In addition to this within category 9 definitions there is a further extension for products that are used in particular applications, to not need to achieve RoHS compliance until 2017.  All Spirent Positioning products meet this extended criteria and so RoHS compliance is not required until 2017.

Spirent’s policy and plan is to be fully compliant with the RoHS legislation in the required timeframe and already many of the boards and components used are RoHS compliant.

Product : GSS6300,GSS5700,GSS6400,GSS6700,GSS7790,GSS8000,Simulator