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Abacus: How do I configure an ICG for SIP-TLS testing?


Configuring an Abacus for SIP-TLS is very straight forward.  Most of the parameters required for the SIP-TLS testing are available at System Under Test (SUT) --> Network Setting --> IPv4 / IPv6 tag.  Users should select "TLS/UDP" in the Main / Optional transport method.  There are other options in the TLS Setup pane within the IPv4 / IPv6 tag.  They are:

  • Validate Any Certificate: when checked, system will accept any certificate sent from the SUT.
  • TRM emulates as TLS Server: this is only used when testing back to back with Abacus.  In this case, the terminating end point will behave like a TLS server.  Note that for customers, the "normal" test case is not back to back, but will be connected via a SIP Proxy/ Registrar.  This SIP Proxy / Registrar will be a "real" TLS server.
  • TRM authenticate Client: when checked, Abacus will support mutual authentication.  (i.e. both the TLS client and TLS server will authenticate each other before setting a TLS connection.)

In addition, users should load and specify the CA Certificate they want to use for the TLS connection.  The certificate should be loaded to the Abacus installed directory under the folder "Certificates".  Once the certificate is loaded, users can select it in the GUI --> Partition & Timing --> Phones & Endpoints --> CA Certificate / Client Certificate columns.  The "CA Certificate" column is for the selection of the TLS server certificate, and the "Client Certificate" column is for the selection of the TLS Client Certificate.

Product : Abacus,Voice,6.20,6.11 and below,SIP