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Why does it take so long for the CPU-5002A, CPU-5003A to go ready with a green LED

  • Why does the CPU-5002A, CPU-5003A take so long to boot up ? :
  • Architecture
    The CPU-5002A, CPU-5003A are a full multi core imbedded computers and runs
    a version of Linux, with that comes some house keeping issues that have to be
    maintained for proper health and control. One of these operations is a
    file system check (FSCK) which takes the longest period of time to complete.
    So what is it doing while I am waiting for it to complete the boot up operation.
    When you first power it up or move to another chassis the cards will run
    FSCK across 3 partitions. This with other items such as loading the multiple FPGA
    images and the firmware onto the  cards and can take up to 1 hour to complete .
    It is very important not to power cycle or remove the cards during the boot
    process. If the FSCK process is interrupted it could cause the FSCK to restart and
    could even cause the hard drive to become corrupted. (note 1)
    When the card is ready the status LED will change to green.
  • Is there a solution for the card to boot up faster?
    Steps were taken in the 3.90 and later to decrease the time frame for boot up.  
         (note 1). If you have waited for 2 hours and the cards are still not ready please contact
                       Spirent Support at ""


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