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Spirent Knowledge Base: Why am I getting 'No answers found' on all my searches on the Spirent Knowledge Base?


The Spirent Knowledge Base currently contains tens of thousands of documents and articles on every product Spirent offers, all available through an easy search. In order to keep the information on the Knowledge Base fresh, we have configured it to periodically go through the content to look for new or updated content and information. After the system has completed this content refresh, the KB must then synchronize the new information into the Knowledge Base search database. This is scheduled to run a few times per day, and during this sync operation (which lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the amount of content being synchronized), searches on the database will return "No answers found."

Our apologies for delays if you encounter this issue. Please repeat your search, usually only a minute or two later, and you will again get results.

While you are waiting, you can consider browsing through the Knowledge Base content by choosing one of the sections above, such as FAQs, Documentation, or Solutions.

Product : CSC,KB