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Spirent TestCenter: What is expected behaviour on TestCenter when Running Duration Tests using Start Traffic Generator and Start StreamBlocks?


I explain there are two methods to start traffic: 

Traffic Generator Start Command, which includes duration as a parameter.
StreamBlock Start Command, which starts individual stream blocks or combinations and is intended to used mostly for Interactive testing.
When Duration mode is configured in Duration Seconds, it works only when you use the Traffic Generator.
I provide you description of current TestCenter expected behaviour regarding Duration Mode transmission tests:
Traffic Generator controls the Duration using the Traffic Generator Start Command does not control the traffic started by using StreamBlock Start command. It'll always be continuous.
For Control of Duration modes Tests:
From the Main Icon                                 
From the All Ports Traffic Generator               
From the Individual Ports Traffic Generator        
From the All Ports StreamBlocks                    
From the Individual Ports StreamBlocks             
I recommend for a configuration of Duration tests, to Deselect the Individual Port to Activate the StreamBlocks required to transmit and Start and Stop the Traffic Using the Port Traffic Generator.
I note to achieve accurate Port and StreamBlock rate, StreamBlocks that are Active should be transmitted.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA