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Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure to customize the Layer 3 Stream Block destination MAC address by either Editing the Device or using Modifiers in TestCenter?


Spirent TestCenter


I recommend one of two methods:

1) For single or few StreamBlocks -> In the grid for the Layer 3 Device -> Deselect 'Resolve IPv4 Gateway MacAddress' and Edit 'IPv4 Gateway Mac' with the hard-coded Destination Device Mac Address

2) For multiple StreamBlocks -> Edit the Stream and First Edit in the Source and Destination Tab to Select Show All Headers.

Next, Edit in the Frame Tab, to Insert MAC Modifier.
Set the Modifier, as an Example, Increment, Step Count to 10, and Step Value to 1.
Run Back to Back or Diagnostic Loopback a Short Burst Test to Capture and Verify.
Please reference attachment with screenshots. 

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