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Spirent TestCenter: How does Spirent TestCenter determine if a chassis is licensed for a newer version or if the license expired?


Spirent TestCenter uses a "Date based value" system to determine what versions can be used as well as when a license expires.  There are 3 date values.  They are:

  • Application Release Date

  • Version Date

  • Expiration Date

The license rules:

Version Rule - this rule determines what Spirent TestCenter releases can work on a chassis.  Note that this doesn't mean it will work due to the Expiration rule.
     If the "Application Release Date" <= "Version Date"
     then the licenses will work with that version of Spirent TestCenter.

Expiration rule - this rule determines when a license expires.
     If the ("Expiration Date" >= today's date) OR ("Expiration Date" = "permanent")
     then the licenses will work.

An example:

So based on the date values in the above screen captures:
     Version Rule:  This chassis can use any version of Spirent TestCenter released on or before December 2011.  This happens to be STC 3.9x and below.
     Expiration Rule:  After April 7, 2012, this chassis will not be able to run any tests.  Note that most customer will get a permanent license and so the Expiration rule typically doesn't apply.

Product : Chassis,Spirent TestCenter