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Avalanche: What is the recommended statistics sampling interval for long test runs with Avalanche?

  • Avalanche Commander
  • C1, C100-MP, C100-S3, C200, CF20, CFv virtual appliances, AvV avalanche virtual appliances.

To set the statistics sampling interval for your Avalanche tests, please consult FAQ10054.

When running your tests, a considerable amount of statistics are recorded on the Chassis Hard Drive / Virtual Appliance Hard Drive before transferring those results to your pc.

To avoid creating large results files on the Chassis Hard Drive / Virtual Hard Drive and overflow the hard disk and freeze of the GUI when transfering those results at the end of the test, it is recommended that you set the statistics sampling interval to:

  • 60 seconds, for night runs
  • 180 seconds, for week-end runs

Note1: The lower the sampling rate, the more data points to be collected, stored, and calculated with more time required to calculate the test resulting statistics. So expect a higher delay at the end of the test to retrieve results to your Avalanche Commander UI, since the results/statistics are being calculated at the end of the test.

Note2: The default value for sampling rate (logs and data points collection) is every 4 secs, and this should be fine for short test runs, from 1 hr to probably 5 hrs. Longer duration would require to increase to a higher value to avoid having problems or high delays when transfering results to the PC at the end of the test. 

Note3: If this sampling interval is decreased to a lower rate, less than 4 secs, it´s most probably to get unexpected results when running a test for longer than few mintues, as this would be a rate just to troubleshoot for very short periods of time. So in general it´s not recommended to go below this default interval (every 4 secs).

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche