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Spirent TestCenter: How to config "IUT CONNECTION" if DUT doesn’t have Username or Password in conformance test (CTS)


In procedure ConnectToIut, find below line:

set logInCmds [list "$LoginPrompt" "$Login" "$PasswordPrompt" "$Password" "$evalPrompt" ""]

Remove the elements DUT doesn’t have from the list

  • Example:
    • set logInCmds [list "$evalPrompt" "enable" "$evalPrompt" ""]
  • Also If it looks like the prompt doesn't apper in the telnet window, may need to add exp_send "\r" after the telnet command.
  • Example:
    • exp_spawn telnet $IutAddress
    • exp_send "\r"
    • exp_send "\r" (might need 2nd return)

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Automation,CTS,API