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Spirent TestCenter: How to get useful log when using Spirent TestCenter HLTAPI?

  • Spirent TestCenter HLTAPI script

After load HLTAPI package (i.e., package require SpirentHltApi), use below test config code:

::sth::test_config  -logfile toshltLogfile \
                    -log 1\
                    -vendorlogfile tosstcExport\
                    -vendorlog 1\
                    -hltlog 1\
                    -hltlogfile toshltExport\
                    -hlt2stcmappingfile toshlt2StcMapping \
                    -hlt2stcmapping 1\
                    -log_level 7

We can get these useful logs (written in the directory where the log was run OR in a new directory created when the script was run):

Product : Automation,API,Spirent TestCenter