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How can we quickly get information when using native API of SpirentTestCenter?


We can use stc::help to quickly get information.

  stc::help :

  stc::help commands
  stc::help <handle>
  stc::help <className>
  stc::help <subClassName>


For example, if we want to know what is "port".

% stc::help port

Return infromation:

 Object: Port
 Parents: Project
 Children: Aal5If, AtmPhy, BfdStateSummary, BgpStateSummary, Dhcpv4ServerDefault
PoolConfig, Dhcpv4ServerPoolConfig, Dhcpv6ServerAddrPoolConfig, Dhcpv6ServerDefa
ultAddrPoolConfig, Dhcpv6ServerDefaultPrefixPoolConfig, Dhcpv6ServerPrefixPoolCo
nfig, Dot1xPortConfig, Ethernet100GigFiber, Ethernet10GigCopper, Ethernet10GigFi
ber, Ethernet40GigFiber, EthernetCopper, EthernetFiber, EthIIIf, FcIf, FcPhy, Gr
eIf, HdlcIf, Ieee1588v2StateSummary, Ipv4If, Ipv4NetworkBlock, Ipv6If, Ipv6Netwo
rkBlock, IsisStateSummary, ItagIf, L2tpv2If, LacpPortConfig, LacpStateSummary, L
dpStateSummary, LispIf, LispStateSummary, LldpStateSummary, LspPingStateSummary,
 MacBlock, MplsIf, Ospfv2StateSummary, Ospfv3StateSummary, PfcMeasurementConfig,
 PimStateSummary, Pimv4JoinSrc, Pimv4PruneSrc, Pimv6JoinSrc, Pimv6PruneSrc, POSP
hy, PppIf, PppoeIf, PppoeServerIpv4PeerPool, PppoxServerIpv4PeerPool, PppoxServe
rIpv6PeerPool, Probe, RipngStateSummary, Ripv4StateSummary, RsvpStateSummary, St
pStateSummary, StreamBlock, SyncEthPortConfig, SyncEthStateSummary, TwampStateSu
mmary, VdpPortConfig, VlanBlock, VlanIf, VqAnalyzerPortGenParams, Wimax16dPhy, W
 Auto-created children: Analyzer, AncpPortConfig, ArpCache, ArpNdReport, Capture
, Dhcpv4PortConfig, Dhcpv6PortConfig, EoamPortConfig, Generator, Host, IgmpPortC
onfig, L2tpPortConfig, MldPortConfig, PingReport, PppoxPortConfig, PppProtocolCo
nfig, SaaPortConfig, StpPortConfig, VqAnalyzer
 Relations: ActivePhy, AffiliationPort, ContainerResult, DstBinding, ExpectedRx,
 GroupMembership, MemberOfVpn, MonitorPortBinding, MulticastExpectedRxPorts, Mul
ticastMonitorPortBinding, PhysicalLogical, PrimaryIf, ResultChild, ResultChild,
ResultChild, ResultChild, ResultChild, ResultChild, ResultChild, SelectedPort, S
electedPort, SrcBinding, TopLevelIf, UnicastExpectedRxPorts

 Writable Attributes:
  Active - Whether this object will be active when you call the apply function.
   Values: TRUE, FALSE
   Default: TRUE
   Type: bool
  AppendLocationToPortName -
   Values: TRUE, FALSE
   Default: TRUE
   Type: bool
  Layer3Type -
   Values: IPV4, IPV4V6, IPV6
   Default: IPV4
   Type: enum
  Location - Location of the physical port to bind with.
   Default: //(Offline)/1/1
   Type: csp
  Name - A user-defined name for this object.
   Default: "" (empty string)
   Type: string
  UseDefaultHost -
   Values: TRUE, FALSE
   Default: TRUE
   Type: bool

 Read-Only Attributes:
   Online - Online status of the port.
   PortGroupSize -
   SupportedPhys - Physical supported layer interfaces under the port.


Product : Automation,API,Spirent TestCenter